Let’s Talk About: Milo Yiannopoulos

Although this piece is a year old, its subject, Milo Yiannopolis, unfortunately is still around and taking up space on YouTube and elsewhere with his grotty extreme right-wing opinions. The Cat here describes Yiannopolis’ activities to date, or at least the most notable of them. Like his friendship with the equally appalling James Delingpole of Breitbart, his misogyny, his hatred of gays, including himself, and particularly of lesbians, his anti-feminism, and sheer abuse of anyone, who doesn’t share his opinions, based on his own privileged background. He was also behind a company that was supposed to give awards to the most promising start-up companies, which collapsed leaving its sponsor, the Torygraph, with tens of thousands of pounds of debt. In addition to the clips from the current affairs shows here, Yiannopolis has his own YouTube channel, which features him supposedly defeating and taking down feminists and Black rights’ protesters. In some of those, it has to be said, he appears to be quite civil, at least to some of his interloquetors. This reveals the bigoted troll behind the smooth façade he’s now trying to show.

Guy Debord's Cat

The British Right have always been a pretty mean-spirited bunch. Not content with grabbing all they can for themselves and their pals, they’re bullies to a man (and woman). The new crop of right-wingers are even worse that the old-timers. Constantly hiding behind phrases like ‘free speech’, they believe that they should be able to express nasty, misogynistic, racist and homophobic views without being challenged. For them, the idea of free speech is “I say what I like and you shut the fuck up”. The Cat has been dealing with people like these since he began blogging in 2010. Most of them are the products of poor parenting, while others are simply bullies having learnt to exploit those weaker or different to themselves while attending their posh boarding schools. It’s in their DNA, you see.

I was reading this blog by Kate Smurthwaite on the New Internationalist website in which…

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