The link between Nigel Farage and Jo Cox’s alleged killer

Mr Pride adds more information to the links between Thomas Mair, the Springbok Club and the London Swinton Circle. Both organisations are members of a further ultranationalist group, the Patriotic Forum. And the Fuhrage has given a talk to the Swinton Circle.

As you can see from the comments to this piece, it provoked outrage from Brexiters and Kippers, who are desperate to cling to the defence that Mair was motivated by mental health issues, rather than fanatical, extreme right-wing beliefs.

I don’t know who they’re trying to convince with this – the general public, or themselves. The Far Right have a reputation for extreme violence and thuggery, ever since Mussolini’s Squadristi and Hitler’s Nazis, who used to sing songs about leaving the Jews ‘bleeding at our feet’. And this violence did not suddenly evaporate after the Second World War. In the 1960’s and ’70s the NF were running training camps, supposedly for ‘self-defence’, but actually in how to kill and bomb Jews, Blacks, Asians, ‘Communists’ and anyone who once looked at them funny. They had a deliberate policy of recruiting football hooligans and violent crims. There’s even a clip around of Martin Webster telling the gentlemen of the press that they are looking for ‘robust young men to defend the country from Communism’. In America, most terrorist offences actually don’t come from Muslims, but from White Supremacist and Nazi groups. It’s therefore frankly amazing why anyone should believe that Mair was not motivated to carry out his attack on Jo Cox through his political beliefs, when violence and murder have been part and parcel of the Nazi right since the 1920s.

Pride's Purge

Jo Cox’s alleged killer Thomas Mair was one of the original members of an infamous far-right organisation called the Springbok Club.

This is from a 2006 edition of the organisation’s newsletter – the Springbok Cyber Newsletter:

farage mair 1

As you can see, the newsletter contains regular reports and numerous references to a sister organisation called the London Swinton Circle. Here’s an example report from exactly the same 2006 edition of the newsletter:

farage mair 2

Farage’s and other leading Brexit campaigners’ connections to the London Swinton Circle is presumably why the organisation is now suddenly claiming on its website it has no connection with the Springbok Club, in a desperate attempt to distance itself from the horrific and tragic events of yesterday:

swinton denial

This denial however is somewhat undermined by the latest edition of the Springbok Club newsletter, which claims the Swinton Circle is a sister organisation of the Springbok Club, and clearly states both are members of…

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