The letters that show Thomas Mair was not a loner but a far-right political activist known to the FBI

More material from Hatewatch and the Southern Poverty Law Centre showing that far from being a mad loner, Mair was a long time Nazi activist. This adds more to the information published a few days ago by Hope Not Hate on how Mair had been a member of the South African expatriate Springbok club, which supported Apartheidm and had bought about $600 worth of books from the publishing arm of the National Alliance on how to build home-made guns and ammunition. Whatever his supporters might say to the contrary, it’s clear that Mair didn’t suddenly snap. He’d clearly been contemplating something like this for a very long time.

Pride's Purge

The mainstream media in the UK is desperately trying to convince everybody the suspect in the murder of Jo Cox MP was a mentally-ill misfit who acted alone.

But convincing evidence is being published outside the UK which shows Mair was such a long-term far-right political activist he was known even to the FBI for his political activities.

A paid FBI informer who infiltrated far-right groups in the UK in the late 1990s and early 2000s has revealed he had several meetings with Mair and other far-right UK activists who were at the time making links with US extremists.

The US based Southern Poverty Law Centre has also published two letters by Mair to a far-right publication which show he was lucid and extremely clear in his hatred of what he refers to as “white liberals and traitors”.

The letters are reproduced here:


These letters show Mair is not mentally ill, but a far-right…

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