Vote Leave Scaremongering, Bristol and Albanians and Romanian Immigrants

I’m still a bit annoyed about the Vote Leave’s scaremongering last night about Turks, Albanians and Romanians all threatening to abandon their homelands and march across Europe to get into Britain. Frankly, it ain’t going to happen. Apart from the fact that Turkey, for example, isn’t expected to reach the criteria for EU membership for another 30 years, the number of Turks, who actually have passports is only 8 million. Yet if you believe Vote Leave’s bilge and UKIP, all 75 million of that ancient and historic country’s people are going to leave Anatolia, just to come to Britain. Furthermore, despite the freedom of movement written into the European constitution, there are still some border checks in the Schengen area. So remaining in Europe doesn’t mean that millions of foreigners will sudden be heading over the Channel anytime soon.

As for the particular threat from Albanians and Macedonians, I think this is going to be very overblown too. Bristol’s a very diverse city in terms of the various ethnic minorities, who’ve settled here. Apart from Blacks and Asians, there were also Poles and other peoples from eastern Europe, who arrived here after the War. There are also long-established Italian families, such as Verecchia’s, who are ice cream vendors. Bristol also has an Albanian community. I don’t know how large it is, or indeed anything about it. I only know it exists from looking along the shelves at the Central Library in town, and finding a few books in that language. One of them was on Mother Theresa of Calcutta. The fact that they’re here, but are otherwise unremarkable indicates, I hope, that there’s little in the way of friction between them and other Bristolians. I certainly haven’t noticed outbreaks of mass prejudice against them in my part of Bristol, though that doesn’t mean it necessarily doesn’t exist.

The same goes for Romanians. Remember how UKIP were telling us all that millions of Romanians were threatening to come over, along with a similar number of Bulgarians? In the end, instead of the millions only a few thousand or so arrived. According to an item on the local news a few years ago, Bristol is also the major centre of the Romanian community in the UK. We have so many of them in the city, that the government decided to locate their consulate here. I’m pleased that our city has such links with a part of Europe that was previously closed to westerners. Again, I might be wrong, but I haven’t noticed any particular problems with those that have come here.

So, from the fact that Bristol’s Albanians and Romanians are so un-newsworthy, I think that these people present very little of a problem as immigrants. I’m aware that there are criminal gangs from eastern Europe, and that human trafficking from the former Soviet bloc is a problem. But from my city’s experience, I don’t see immigrants from these nations are likely to cause any problems, and I don’t believe that there’ll be the mass migration with which Vote Leave and UKIP are trying to scare us all.

It is just scaremongering, and should be treated as such.

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5 Responses to “Vote Leave Scaremongering, Bristol and Albanians and Romanian Immigrants”

  1. 61chrissterry Says:

    So only * million Turks have passports, but will passports be required if Turkey is allowed into the EU, is it not free access.

    The EU can not be trusted to abide by their own rules, if the power brokers of the EU wish it then Turkey will be in.

  2. 61chrissterry Says:

    Sorry should have read ‘So only 8 million Turks have passports, but will passports be required if Turkey is allowed into the EU, is it not free access.

    The EU can not be trusted to abide by their own rules, if the power brokers of the EU wish it then Turkey will be in.’

    • beastrabban Says:

      From what I heard today talking to some of my friends about this, the Turks will still need passports to travel through the Schengen area. Apparently, it’ll be like Britain and America. You still need passports to get into America, but you don’t need a specific visa. So it’ll be like that.

      • 61chrissterry Says:

        Thank you for the additional information., however I still do not trust the EU.

      • beastrabban Says:

        No, and there are good reasons not to, to be honest. The current exploitation of the Greece by the Troika is a prime example. And you’re right about the EU admitting countries they want to be part of the Union, whether they’re ready or not.
        Roman is the example that came to mind. It wasn’t economically ready, but they still admitted, and some Romanians were complaining about it several years ago. But I think the consequence for us leaving Europe will be worse than if we remain, especially under the current Tory misrule.

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