Secular Talk: Talk Show Host Suspended over Alleged Threat to Kill Trump

More from the weird, parallel universe of American right-wing talk radio. According to this piece from Secular Report, Glenn Beck, one of the most right-wing of right-wing talk show hosts, has been dropped from the network SiriusXM because one of his guests supposedly issued an incitement to assassinate Donald Trump. The guest said that if congress doesn’t stop Trump becoming president, then – and he was talking hypothetically, as a thriller writer – couldn’t some patriot step up and do the job.

Kulinski points out that Beck’s show is in considerable financial trouble. He calls Beck a kind of welfare queen, as he is very generously financed by various right-wing think tanks and organisations for promoting the Republican cause. However, his actual ratings are tiny, and the only advertisers he can really pull in are small firms selling guns and food packages to survivalists. These don’t pay very well. And so commercially, Beck’s position is very precarious.

As for the incitement to kill Trump, Kulinksi’s very sceptical. It could mean killing the coiffured clown, but it could simply mean kidnapping him and locking him up, or simply bringing a court case.

Whatever it means, it seems to indicate that Beck’s radio career may be about to go under. He’s said he’s tired of politics, and would like to do other things. So perhaps this is the first sign that it’s all about to implode. And sooner than people think.

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3 Responses to “Secular Talk: Talk Show Host Suspended over Alleged Threat to Kill Trump”

  1. Michelle Says:

    That parallel universe is brewing and sick. Riden one of Trump’s delegates apparently “told Mother Jones in an interview that US leaders who violate the Constitution may have to be done away with: “The polite word is ‘eliminated,'” he said. “The harsh word is ‘killed.'”

    • beastrabban Says:

      It’s been brewing for a long, long time. Way back in the ’90s some woman tried to get the militias to march en masse on Washington, but the leaders smelt a rat and wondered if this was the government trying to provoke a perceived threat, so they could round them all up. But the nutters have well taken over the asylum, to coin a phrase. The Libertarian ultra-right are looking forward to America breaking up into splinter states. They want to found a low tax, minimum government utopia in the mid-West, to which they have given the interim name ‘Reagan’. A few months ago, one of the Republican senators for Texas got edgy about a US invasion of the Lone Star state, because the US army was on manoeuvres just over the border. He even went so far as to start threatening the US with retaliation if the US army crossed the border. Secular Talk or The Young Turks did a piece on it, pointing out that, er, Texas was already in America. And it seems that right-wing talk radio has issued numerous calls warning America that they will soon face genocide from Obama. These people are organised, often with positions of political responsibility, and they’re frightening with their lack of any kind of reasoned political stance and sheer, militant rage.

  2. Mike Sapp Says:


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