Fighting Trump: Short Film about Trump vs. Local People in Scotland

This is a short film I found on Youtube, which shows even more what a grotesque, egotistical clown Trump is. It’s about his attempts to throw about eight local people out of their houses in Menie, in Scotland, so he could build his wretched ‘world class’ golf course. Of course, being Trump, it ain’t a case of accepting that these people aren’t willing to sell. He has to lie, set his legal teams on them, insult them and then try everything he can within the law to make life as uncomfortable for them as possible.

One of the residents talks about how he received a phone call from someone claiming that they were interested in moving up to Menie, and would like to buy his house as a holiday home. The man wasn’t interested, and turned him down. Later he found out it was Trump, or rather, someone on his behalf trying to buy up the land for the golf course. Eight other people had received the same phone call.

Menie is an area of Special Scientific Interest because of its mobile dune system, which gradual shifts up and down that part of the Aberdeenshire coast. Trump and his developers have wrecked it through their construction work. As for this gentleman, the view he moved to the area to enjoy has been deliberately blocked by a mound of earth, but up by Trump.

Another one of the victims is a lady, who enjoys walking around the dunes. This has been stopped by Trump. Or rather, he’s tried to stop her. The law in Scotland stipulates you have a right to roam anywhere you like, with certain exceptions. In this case, Trump is trying to block here because his golf course is a construction site. The lady then contacted the judge and the legal authorities, who’ve said that she could lawfully ramble on the site, if no construction work was underway. So she does. The film shows her walking along the path, talking to the interviewer, before a landrover turns up with one of the security guards, and there follows a conversation in which she explains the situation to him, and that she can get the proper legal documents. Eventually the man in the range rover is satisfied and he drives off.

When Trump couldn’t get his way by offering the local people money, he tried to get a compulsory purchase order. He lied about that too. He denied he tried to get the land compulsorily purchased, but had to retract that lie when the locals got hold of a letter his organisation had written to Aberdeenshire council asking them for a compulsory purchase order.

And then the film interviews the man and his mother, who has really got under Trump’s skin. This fellow moved up their about 43 years before the film was made in 2011, because he’d fallen in love with the place after visiting it fishing. He had organised a campaign to fight back against Trump, and that has irritated the Tousled Twit no end. So Trump has gone on the offensive, calling the man a ‘village idiot’ and saying that he lives in a slum. The man himself responded on Scots television by saying that if he was the village idiot, then Trump was a New York clown. Trump tried to claim that the man was exploiting his mother by making her a member of his campaign, and making some of the legal countermeasures in her name. His mother’s an elderly lady, but she states, quietly but clearly, that she’s her own woman, and has a mind of her own. The man states that he can’t see why Trump wants their land, as it’s miles from the golf course he’s building. He also wonders how Trump can possibly believe it’s going to be world class, when he’s got 11 golf course in America already, and none of them are in the top 100 courses in America, let alone the world. And the film also uncovers evidence that Trump has the support of Aberdeenshire council for his daft plans.

While Trump is not popular with the locals, they’ve received many letters and messages of support from others all over the world, fed up with Muskrat Thatch. This fellow, whose house boasts a confederate rebel flag painted on the side and a suitably insulting slogan about Trump, talks about how most of the letters come from Americans. Some of them don’t even have his address. They just have his name, and the explanation ‘the man who’s fighting Trump’. As for his mother, she’s received 200 birthday cards that year.

This really does show how grotesquely greedy, bullying and mendacious Trump is. Despite all that rubbish about him being against the big corporations, he is exactly that: a large, corporate bully, who becomes increasingly petulant when he can’t get his way. And this is the man, who looks like he’s well on his way to being the next president of the US. In which case, he’s going to try to do to the rest of America, what he’s been trying to do to the people of Menie.

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    He is a horrible person.

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