Vox Political: Britain First Get Chased Out of Leicester

And now a piece of good new. I’ve posted up several articles recently about Paul Golding’s neo-Nazi outfit, Britain First. This is another far-Right corpuscule with a tiny membership. It’s also particularly hostile to Islam and Muslims, though that’s pretty much common now amongst the extreme Right and wider sections of British society, thanks to the wars in the Middle East and the continuing threat of terrorism from ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Britain First held a demonstration in Leicester this weekend. They didn’t get very far in their attempts to stir up racial hatred there, and were sent packing. Mike’s covered it over at Vox Political, complete with a piccie of their demo and the crowds of anti-Nazis surrounding them. See: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/05/21/britain-first-leicester-anti-eu-protest-gets-chased-out-of-town/

Every now and then someone produces a statistic that’s supposed to show that most British people are racist and ready to vote for the far Right. From this, it seems that the opposite is true, and that while there is increasing xenophobia in British society – you only have to look at the headlines about immigrants in the Scum, the Heil and the Express to see that – very, very few people in our fair country have any time for Nazism. Groups like the NF, BNP and Britain First have miniscule and dwindling memberships, and have been repeatedly shown by the people of towns up and down the length of Britain that their vicious hatred and violence is not welcome. This is yet another example.

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