Vox Political: DWP Admits It Could Be Partly Responsible for Benefit Deaths

Back on Thursday, Mike put up an article about a very cautious and heavily guarded admission by the DWP that it might be culpable for the deaths of some of those killed by their system of benefit sanctions and fitness-to-work tests. The government has carried out several peer-reviewed investigations into the deaths of 49 former benefit-claimants. IDS and his successors desperately wanted to keep these secret, but they have now been released following a 21 month legal struggle with the Disability News Service. The article Mike quotes states that

In response to a story in The Guardian about the publication of the peer reviews – co-authored by DNS editor John Pring – a DWP spokesperson said: “Any suicide is a tragedy and the reasons for them are complex, however it would be inaccurate and misleading to link it solely to a person’s benefit claim.”

The use of the word “solely” means that ministers have now accepted that the actions of their department can be partly responsible for benefit claimants taking their own lives, and for other benefit-related deaths.”

Mike in his comments notes that this may leave the way open for the families of the victims to sue the government for their responsibility for these deaths. This is what appears to be going on north of the border in Scotland.

And the number of people, who have been killed by the government’s benefit sanctions is far higher than 49. It’s about 590, while 290,000 people with anxiety and depression have seen their mental states made worse through the Tories’ policies. If the legal challenge succeeds, that’s going to be a lot of compensation for the government to pay out. So let’s hope it does.

Mike’s article can be read at: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/05/19/dwp-admits-responsibility-for-benefit-related-deaths-with-a-single-small-word/

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