Vox Political: Anti-Tory T-Shirt Gets Thumbs-Up from the Cops

This is a hilarious. Mike over at Vox Political on Thursday posted up a piece about the support one of the readers of his blog received when she went into town wearing an anti-Tory T-shirt. The garment listed the things David Cameron has screwed. Four of them are metaphorical, and one possibly literal, in the case of the pig’s head. A Conservative woman was deeply offended, protesting that the Prime Minister had not maltreated the other groups and institutions listed on the shirt, and called the rozzers. When the fuzz turned up, they sent her on her way for wasting their time. And said to the woman with the T-shirt that they’d happily wear it if she got them one.

See: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/05/19/the-police-are-starting-to-turn-on-the-tories-as-this-uplifting-story-shows/

This is pretty much a volte-face for the cops from when Thatcher used them as her private army. The Tories are seeking to downsize them and cut their pay and conditions as well. The boys and girls in blue aren’t impressed, and the result is that some of them have a marked lack of sympathy with those, who feel that their job is to enforce Tory standards of decency against free speech. I can feel the Daily Mail fulminating with rage even now.


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