RT on American Politicos Recommending Declassified of 9/11 Report to Allow Families to Sue Saudis

In this piece, RT interview two American politicos, Walter Jones, a Republican representing North Carolina and his opposite number in the Democrat Party, Rick Nolan, who both want to see the censored 28 pages in the official report on 9/11 declassified. This follows Obama’s decision yesterday to allow the families of the victims to sue the Saudis. Both congressmen also support this as well.

Both politicians have seen the report. Responding to official statements that the 28 pages should not be published, because they are inaccurate, Congressman Jones states that he has actually seen those 28 pages and read them. He states that security was so tight that you could not even make notes. Nevertheless, no one said that there was anything in their which you could not believe. He also denied that there was anything in the document that endangered national security. He believed that it should be published, because he felt that the American people had enough good sense to know what could be trusted, and what couldn’t.

Congressman Nolan states that those 28 pages contain details, such as the names of the people, who supplied the 15 Saudis, who took part in the attack. He also states that there were other people involved, whom he could not reveal, but advised the viewers to use their own imagination. When asked if it was right that people should use the information to launch lawsuits against the Saudis, he agreed that it was right to do so against ‘whoever was responsible’. He also made the point that the current wars in the Middle East America was involved in meant that the American people should know who was their enemy, in order to give their support to all those courageous young men and women, who have stepped up to serve their country in the forces out there.

I agree, but if those 28 pages are published, it will no doubt cause immense embarrassment in certain quarters. Those 28 pages are widely rumoured to lay the blame firmly on the Saudis and certain elements within the Saudi state and security services. The American people should know who it was, who committed this atrocity against their country. As should the people of the other nations, who have sent their young men and women into battle in the Middle East on America’s behalf.

If the Saudis were responsible, as seems almost certain, then this drives the final nail in the coffin of the Neo-Con/Likud lie that Saddam Hussein and Iraq were involved. Of course they weren’t, but the Neo-Cons in the Republican Party and Likud in Israel drew up a plan back in the 1990s for the invasion of Iraq. 9/11 and the lies about Saddam Hussein gave them the excuse they needed for a totally unprovoked invasion. As for George Dubya and Tony Bliar, well, to paraphrase the rhyme ‘They lied; people died’. And innocents have been dying ever since. This report needs to be published now, and the true culprits identified and made to pay. No matter who gets to look uncomfortable or venal.

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