Craig Murray On the Establishment Lies about Misogyny and the Petition against Laura Kuenssberg

Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and human rights activist, has also weighed in on the accusations of misogyny and abuse in the petition launched against the Beeb’s political edition, Laura Kuenssberg. The petition was a call for Kuenssberg to be sacked because of her egregious and overt bias towards the Tories and against Jeremy Corbyn. It was taken down from the 38 Degrees internet petitioning organisation by David Babb, the man who started it after it had garnered over 30,000 signatures. Babb claimed he was doing so as people were leaving personally abusive and misogynist comments directed against Kuenssberg on the petition. This claim has been repeated by the Guardian, the New Statesman, the BBC, David Cameron, and the entire political establishment.

Mr Murray provides a link to the comments left by the people, who signed the petition, to support his statement that there are very few that have any misogynistic content whatsoever. One certainly has, but it was left by a particularly foul-mouthed individual, who also ranted about a number of other subjects in the same obscene way. He states that they show very clearly that the establishment is lying.

He writes:

Here are all the comments on the scrapped Kuenssberg petition. You know, the petition David Cameron condemned in the House of Commons today because it was accompanied by a storm of sexist abuse? Well, here are the comments in their entirety and out of 35,000 people who signed, there is virtually nobody whose comment can be seen as remotely sexist. See for yourselves. Can you spot the one sexist comment I found?

The comments show the petition was overwhelmingly signed by decent, concerned people who were sometimes quite eloquent. Also that the petition supporters are gender balanced and several specifically identify as feminists, and as supporters of the BBC. But neither Cameron, the Guardian and mainstream media nor 38 Degrees itself has any qualm about writing off all these decent citizens as a misogynist rabble.

The data link was left by a commenter on this site – I strongly suspect a mole within 38 Degrees has got it out. It is absolute proof that the politicians and mainstream media journalists have been pushing a plain lie about the nature of the campaign, and that 38 Degrees have colluded.

I’ve a lot of respect for Mr Murray. I can’t claim to follow what he writes, but I respect him for his courageous attempts to stop British involvement with the corrupt regime in Uzbekistan. Murray was Our Man over there, until he made the cardinal sin of alerting his masters in the Foreign Office in London about injustice and massive human rights abuses by the Uzbek regime. As the British government has all too often been very keen to cooperate with murderously repressive regimes so long as it benefits British business or other interests, this principled stance got him the sack. I am very glad to see that it has not stopped him campaigning on these issues. A week or so ago he was featured in a programme about the scandal, broadcast on Radio 4. And programmes like that may well be a casualty of the government’s plans for the BBC, which threaten its independence.

To read Mr Murray’s article about the petition and the establishment’s lies, got to

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