Lobster: MI5 Suspicious of Harold Wilson because ‘Pro-Israel’

The conspiracy/parapolitics magazine and website, Lobster, has run a number of articles over the years on the British intelligence agencies and their suspicion and smears against the Labour prime minister, Harold Wilson, as a Soviet spy. In issue 13 of the magazine, its editor, Robin Ramsay, carried a piece about an interview he once did with Colin Wallace, a British army officer working in their psy-ops unit in Northern Ireland. Wallace was supposedly contacted by an MI5 officer, who asked him to compile a spurious document, purporting to come from Irish Republicans, which would smear various politicos. Wallace’s notes, as revealed to Ramsay, showed the bizarre thinking and deep suspicion the agency had of a number of senior politicians, including Harold Wilson. Wilson was considered particularly subversive because they thought, as did James Angleton, the head of the CIA, that he was controlled by the Soviets. One of the signs that he was under the thumb of the Soviets was that he was ‘pro-Israel’.

There you go. The Right are now busily attacking Labour for being ‘anti-Semitic’, because Corbyn doesn’t believe in persecuting the Palestinians. Forty years ago, they were out gunning for Harold Wilson, partly for the opposite reason: he was ‘pro-Israel’. The political stance has changed, but the Right still hates Labour because of its attitude to Israel and Palestine. Assuming, of course, that this isn’t a case of finding any old smear that will do the job against Labour.

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