The Guido Fawkes Blog: Less Guy Fawkes, More Reichstag Fire?

Mike over at Vox Political has put up a piece about the suspension of two more Labour MPs following allegations of anti-Semitism against them. The source of these allegations is the Guido Fawkes blog, run by Paul Staines. Mike asks the obvious question about whether these can be believed, considering the source.

This is a very good question. Some suspicion is warranted, especially considering the extreme Right-wing beliefs of the owner. Staines’ blog is a kind of gossip magazine, that has run all sorts of stories about politicians over the years. This hasn’t just been against Labour. He’s also attacked Conservatives, to their equal annoyance. Looking through an old issue of Lobster years ago, I found Staines’ name mentioned in a list of people, who attended a dinner held by one of the quasi-Fascist groups on the Tory fringe. The guest of honour at the meeting was the leader of one of the Central American death squads. These squads were responsible for some truly horrific atrocities, crimes against humanity that are almost indescribable in their obscenity. Assuming that the Paul Staines mentioned then is the same Paul Staines in Guido Fawkes, there’s a large question over his motivation.

I’ve posted much stuff critical of parliament and the operation of governmental institutions, because I actually care that they don’t represent people nor their interests. If Staines still has the same beliefs he had thirty years ago, when he was schmoozing with such people, he doesn’t. He cares about the freedom of big business to make a killing. Literally. This is less the ‘Guy Fawkes’ iconography of left-libertarianism, like ‘Anonymous’, and far more the attack on democracy of authoritarian right-wingers like the Nazis. Blogs and political gossip like Guido Fawkes have often been accused of undermining democracy by reducing the public’s respect for politicians. Normally, I’d agree with that. But in the case of Staines’ wretched organ, I think that’s a very dangerous thing indeed.

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