Abu Hajaar: Incompetent ISIS Jihadi

I found this short film over on A Site Best Not Mentioned. It shows a group of ISIS fighters trying to attack the Kurdish Peshmerga. Unfortunately for them, one of their number is a complete pratt called Abu Hajaar, who screws up one thing after another until the vehicle is finally hit and destroyed by the Kurds.

This is a nasty video, showing real conflict. Normally, I’d be against showing material like this, but as it’s ISIS I’m making an exception. ISIS after all have made vile beheading videos and put them on the Net as a recruiting tool for the young, the impressionable and the stupid here in the West. And as ISIS have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, comprising people of just about all faiths, including Muslims, have destroyed priceless historic artefacts and monuments, and desecrated churches, mosques and other places of worship, they deserve exactly what they get.

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