Secular Talk on the Bernie Facebook Groups Closed Down by Hillary’s SuperPac

In this piece from Secular Talk, Kyle Kulinski describes how a series of pro-Bernie Sanders Facebook groups were closed down on the night of the 25th April 2016 by the actions of hackers hired by Hillary’s superpac. This is the funding organisation for Hillary’s presidential campaign. Under American electoral law, it is not allowed to coordinate its efforts with Hillary herself. This superpac hired a number of online trolls to go after Bernie Sanders’ supporters. One of their tactics was to accuse the groups of posting threats of violence, or uploading porn and then making a complaint, so that the group was closed down. I gather that since then, Hillary has distanced herself from one of the hackers responsible, who has been sacked. Nevertheless, she has appeared in photos with him.

An understandably outraged Kulinski points out that this is censorship, and is part of a Fascist intolerance to contrary opinions shown by Clinton herself. She cannot present any substantial policies to win over Sanders’ supporters, and so her supporters have resorted to censorship.

This is very ominous. I’ve posted numerous pieces objecting to Donald Trump because of his racism and the Fascist violence he’s whipped up against demonstrators at his rallies. Hillary hasn’t done that yet, but her campaign’s readiness to use such underhand tactics against free speech does seem to argue that she will be similarly intolerant of dissenting opinions if she wins the presidency. She’s still more liberal than Trump, but that’s not hard. And in the sphere of foreign policy, her support of extreme Right-wing coups and regimes shows that she is no liberal at all. And its an attitude that she might just bring home to America if she sets her foot in the door of the White House.

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