Vox Political: Tories Wanted to Charge Claimants for Appealing against DWP Decisions

Mike over at Vox Political has also posted up a very interesting piece on an abortive Tory plan to force the disabled to pay for the privilege of lodging an appeal against a decision on their benefit by the DWP, according to the Mirror. The plan was laid out in a secret Conservative document, Appeals Strategy – Post Election Planning 2015. Apparently, the Conservatives were getting upset over the number of sanctions decisions that were being successfully appealed against and overturned.

Mike’s article is at:

The Conservatives secretly planned to CHARGE disabled people to appeal benefits decisions

Mike also asks the very pertinent question of what else they’re trying to sneak in behind our back.

The existence of this secret plan really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. The Tories have been troubled by the fact that over half of all sanctions cases have been overturned on appeal, and have been doing everything they can to put a stop to this. Someone clearly decided that this was a step too far, though I can’t imagine it was Ian Duncan Smith, despite his crocodile tears about the plight of the unemployed in front of Ian Hislop. This was the head of the DWP, who laughed and joked with Cameron when some truly heart-wrenching tales of abuse at the hands of his department were read out in parliament. He is, however, very vain, making up all sorts of stupid and spurious stories about his intellectual achievements and military career. He also got rather annoyed that he was getting all the blame for the sanctions system, instead of New Labour, who introduced it. Aw, diddums!

This is a truly wicked government, that not only seeks to take money and resources away from the very poorest in society, it also seeks to charge them for the right to challenge their injustices. It’s high time they were forced out of office.

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One Response to “Vox Political: Tories Wanted to Charge Claimants for Appealing against DWP Decisions”

  1. Florence Says:

    Let’s call a spade a spade. It is obvious that the PIP rules and regulations as laid out in law are not actually the one the govt want enforced. They need to simply make the changes they want to be enforced (that would deny all those their lifeline support) defined in the DWP ESA and PIP rules, but then that would expose the utter cruelty and hypocrisy of the system and it’s masters, too.

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