Cameron’s so-called extremist Imam campaigned for TORIES at last election

As Mr Pride points out, this really does show how desperate the Tories are to win the election that they are prepared to stoop so low as smears like this. This particular falsehood, I would say, is so serious as to provide reasonable grounds for a prosecution for slander/ libel.

I am not, however, particularly surprised that the Tories have made such an outrageous allegation. If you read Private Eye’s coverage of some of the tactics the Tories have used against Mr Khan, it becomes painfully clear that its based very much on playing on Islamophobic suspicions of Sadiq Khan simply on account of his faith. For example, in last fortnight’s Eye, they revealed how one of their Sikh readers had passed on to them a Tory campaign leaflet aimed at London’s Sikh community, stressing how much support they had received from Zac Goldsmith. The Eye took the leaflet as trying to play on animosity between the Sikh and Muslim communities. If that’s the case, then it’s disgraceful. It’s little different than the sectarian bigotry in Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland, which sees Unionist politicos ranting about ‘Papists’ and ‘Left-footers’. Obviously, they can’t use that kind of prejudice against Khan, as he’s a Muslim, so they’ll accuse him of being a terrorist sympathiser. Goldsmith and his campaign team should be truly ashamed.

Pride's Purge

At prime minister’s questions today, David Cameron accused Labour’s candidate for Mayor of London Sadiq Khan of appearing with a London Imam who supports ISIS.

Only one problem. The Imam in question – Suliman Gani – does not support ISIS.

In fact he thinks they’re “evil”:

gani ISIS

And even more amazingly, Gani actually supported – and even canvassed for – the Tories at the last general election:


Here he is with Tory candidate Dan Watkins:

Gani And here he is with Tory MP Tania Mathias:gani 1

And here he is with Zac Goldsmith himself:

gani 2

The Tories are so desperate – or arrogant – they think they can win elections with outright lies and smears. We cannot rely on our biased media to show the truth. 

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