George Monbiot on How the Supermarkets Charge the Poor More

Going through George Monbiot’s book on the growth of corporate power in Britain, Captive State, I found this chilling passage describing how the poor are charged more for their groceries by the supermarket chains than the rich. Monbiot writes

Perversely, as a survey by the Citizen’s Organizing Foundation discovered, the poor appear to be charged more for their food than the rich. The cheapest available selection of a fixed list of groceries, it found, costs up to 69 per cent more in stores in some of the poorest parts of the country than in stores belonging to the same chain in richer places. In the poor areas, it seems, superstores encounter less competition, and the resident population is less mobile, so less capable of escaping the clutches of the local monopolies. (p. 186).

So, there’s another way in which the poor are being charged more to subsidise the wealthy.

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One Response to “George Monbiot on How the Supermarkets Charge the Poor More”

  1. Oscar Dandelion Says:

    Thank you for mentioning this book. I’d be interested in hearing any more reviews if you write them. 🙂

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