Vox Political on 129 Children Missing Since Demolition Calais ‘Jungle’

This is truly horrific. Mike today put up a piece from the Independent reporting that 129 children from the Calais refugee camp, ‘the Jungle’, have gone missing since it was bulldozed in March. Despite the attempts to clear the site, there are still 4,946 asylum seekers living there, including 140 in the shipping containers. This includes 294 unaccompanied children. The article states that the British charity, HelpRefugees UK, stated on its website that this was unacceptable, and called on the French authorities to do more to safeguard the 294 unaccompanied children alone in the camp.

Mike simply asks the obvious question if anyone thinks this is acceptable.

See his article: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/04/05/calais-jungle-129-unaccompanied-children-missing-since-refugee-camp-demolition/.

It clearly isn’t. And it shows how terrible conditions must be in some parts of the world, that some parents are so desperate to send their children unaccompanied on the immense journey to the West. This isn’t a new or recent phenomenon. Yasmin Alibhai-Browne in one of her columns on the plight of refugees in the page of the Indie way back in the ’90s or early years of this century, reported how unaccompanied children were being put onto trains in order to get them to Europe. I also heard a story, which may well be garbled, that a large percentage – perhaps half – of the unaccompanied Somali children, that had been given asylum in Sweden, have vanished. Which is also chilling, if true.

There are very obvious dangers to children’s welfare and safety here. Not just the threat of keeping body and soul together on the streets, but also danger from the real, human predators operating on the fringes of society. Like paedophiles and other forms of human brutality and exploitation. And it shouldn’t need to be said that if the children don’t have any kind of accommodation, and aren’t being given schooling, then they’re not going to acquire the education and skills they require to survive or make a proper living in western society, if they’re finally allowed to stay here. Which, unfortunately, may well be the point.

Clearly, I hope that the French authorities do take steps to ensure the safety of the remaining unaccompanied children, and at least do something to try track down the others.

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