Should This Be the Motto of the British Right-Wing Tabloid’s Polish Editions?

Going through an old book I bought years ago on how to speak Polish, I found the following sentence as one of the practice passages. The reader was required to turn the sentence from the singular to the plural. The sentence was:

Anglik nie lubi codzoziemieca.

The Englishman does not like the foreigner.

It struck me then, that if the ghastly spawn of Murdoch’s, Dacre’s and Desmond’s hacks ever suddenly decide to produce international versions for Poland, or indeed, anywhere, that would be their motto. In fact, the Sun, the Mail and the Express are so right-wing and insanely xenophobic, that I’m surprised there isn’t a campaign to put a public warning on them in the editions sold abroad to expats. This should go:

Warning: The following periodical contains extreme Thatcherite views, which some readers may find offensive. Followed by appropriate markers indicating nudity, racism, hatred of the poor, or just complete raving insanity.

Sort of like the way Private Eye took the mickey out of Robert Maxwell when he successfully sued them for libel. When asked what he was going to do with the damage, Maxwell announced that he was going to give it to an AIDS charity, so people with one set of diseased organs could benefit from the money he was awarded from another.

Ho ho. (Very ironic laugh).

So Private Eye stuck him on the cover saying, ‘I’m a nice guy, and anyone who says otherwise is going to get a writ’. Underneath that there was a little box of text, stating, ‘Warning: This is a diseased organ and may give you AIDS. Issued by Robert Maxwell on behalf of himself.’ If only that could be stuck on the cover of the Sun, etc, with the appropriate changes for their proprietors, of course.

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