Vox Political: Make Sure They Don’t Take Away Medicine if You’re On Benefits

I know this is rather incestuous – I’m effectively reblogging an article that is reblogging my piece advising people that they need to be careful to make sure they continue to get their medication if they’re being treated for depression. Mike over at Vox Political, however, makes a very good point that completely escaped me at the time. He states that the Tories are particularly keen to make sure people with depression do not automatically get their prescription renewed, because if you’re being treated for depression, you’re probably on one or two other benefits. And if they can stop you being treated for depression, it means that those benefits can also be stopped, or more easily stopped.

So be very careful. Don’t let them try to stop your medication or your benefits. And he also argues that people should unite, to tell the truth about the creeping privatisation of the NHS and the destruction of the welfare state.

The reblogs at: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/03/30/a-warning-for-people-on-medication-for-depression-beastrabbans-weblog/ Go and read Mike’s comments.

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