Vox Political on the Degrading Lack of Toilet Facilities in Jobcentres

Just when you think the Tories and the DWP can’t get any lower in their degrading treatment of the unemployed and disabled, they do. I should no longer be amazed at how mean-spirited, vindictive and spiteful the DWP can be. Their head, the recently departed Ian Duncan Smith, after all went off and tried to see if he could get one of his own constituents deported after she came to him asking for assistance with benefit problems, partly due to the fact that she was foreign-born. The lady in question had always worked, and was certainly not a ‘benefit-scrounger’, skiver, or whatever other insult IDS and his minions like to throw at people on benefits.

In this article, Mike points out that there are no public toilets in Jobcentres. Nor are there separate spaces provided for people, who need to inject medication, like diabetics with insulin. There’s also a problem of not enough space for wheelchairs. Claimants may, at staff discretion, be allowed to use the private toilet facilities in the Jobcentre, depending on the layout of the building, safety, and the willingness of the staff to escort them. When they staff aren’t willing to assist claimants or other members of the public, who need to use the facilities, the result is that those people can be humiliated. This occurred when one disabled lady with a weak bladder ended up wetting herself in public when staff refused to help her.

See Mike’s article at: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/03/29/the-embarrassing-reason-the-dwp-wont-get-the-sick-and-disabled-back-to-work/

Mike points out that discretionary facilities don’t pass the Human Rights test. He also quotes Samuel Miller, a friend of his blog, who also points out that if the Tories were serious about installing toilet facilities, they could have used some of the £100,000 they spent last year vainly trying to challenge appeals.

I’ve discussed before about how Tory policy towards the unemployed and disabled is based on the principle of ‘less eligibility’. This was one of Thatcher’s much lauded ‘Victorian values’. It was the idea that in order to motivate the unemployed into finding work, public relief must be made as hard and as humiliating as possible. It’s one of the reasons the government has inserted the clause stating that you must be actively looking for work, constantly grill you about whether you have been looking for jobs on the farcical ‘Universal Jobmatch’ website, and now have ‘work coaches’, who are there to harangue you into getting a job, as well as seeking to find a variety of excuses, no matter how petty, to have the poor and desperate thrown off benefit. These have included sanctioning people for arriving late, even when they have excellent excuses, such as they have been seriously ill in hospital, or have had to take their children to school. Or even, in one incredible case, where someone was only a few minutes late for the interview. I’m pretty sure that the DWP would deny it, but it seems very clear to me that the refusal to provide public toilet facilities is part of this programme to create a very regimented, authoritarian atmosphere of control over the claimant, right down to the basic bodily functions.

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  2. jeffrey davies Says:

    part of rtu ids way starting to close down toilets at jcp

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