Vox Political on the Tories ‘Reverse Robin Hood’ Government

Mike over at Vox Political has put up this article, comparing the Tories’ generosity to the rich with their appalling contempt for the poor. This is clearly shown in George Osborne’s tax cut in the last budget, which gives an £3,000 to the richest 130,000 people. Against this, Gideon Osbo and his mates cut ESA for disabled people on the WRAG by £30. This, as Mike points out, is 28 per cent of the original entitlement, taken away from the poorest and most needy.

Mike’s article is at http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/03/27/esa-cgt-and-the-tory-governments-reverse-robin-hood-routine/. Go and read it.

This all bears out a quote I came across years ago: A Tory is someone who believes in a fairer deal for the rich. And it’s true, they do, almost in those terms, and without irony. And 590 people have paid the ultimate price of Tory greed with their lives, and a further quarter of a million are suffering from mental health problems aggravated by their sanctions regime and the tick-box approach to illness pursued by Unum and Maximus. It’s high time they were thrown out of parliament and their policies blocked forever.

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One Response to “Vox Political on the Tories ‘Reverse Robin Hood’ Government”

  1. Florence Says:

    Some years ago I had need to contact the DWP benefit office responsible for IB, and they were lovely and helpful, and the one I spoke to said they called being transferred to ESA “going over to the dark side” and dealt with at a different office. I doubt those helpful DWP advisers are still in work now.

    The same people who were driven to suicide and mental illness over the transfer from Incapacity Benefit to ESA are now (largely) the same community who are being put through the same stress and misery and loss to transfer them from DLA to PIP. Except this time it will also include those who are working, and living independently because they have DLA support for vital activities like washing, dressing and transport.

    At the same time they are cutting back on Access to Work, a scheme that helped keep me in employment for several years because they paid for my travel to & from the office and for the provision of home working, and at both locations a fully equipped workstation and chair and IT adaptations. In the years I was supported in work I paid over £120,000 in direct taxes.

    It is sheer punishment for being different, and for not being rich. I cannot agree more that one can only hope that there is some cataclysm that removes the Tories from power, and the sheer cruelty stopped.

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