The Young Turks on ISIS’ Use of Trump in Propaganda Video

This is another piece about Donald Trump. Sorry about that. Normally service blogging about the Nazis and clowns in our own government will resume later.:)

In this piece, The Young Turks discuss the latest propaganda video released by ISIS over the internet, and the fears of European students at an American college interviewed by Jordan Cheriton, that Trump will win the American election.

ISIS’ wretched video shows Trump describing how Belgium used to be a beautiful place, and how it has been destroyed by ISIS in their latest attack. The Turk’s anchor, Cenk Uygur, attacks Trump for offering ISIS a ‘twofer’. First of all, he blamed the victim, stating it was the country’s own fault it got attacked, and that it was ‘a mess’. And then he gives ISIS and other Islamist terror groups more free publicity through his statements that he will go in harder in the Middle East, and kill civilians and the families of terrorists, not just the terrorists themselves.

They also show a clip, in which Jordan Cheriton interviewed a group of students at a uni in Ohio. From their names and accents, the students were all Brits. They stated that they, and Europeans like them back home, were afraid of Trump winning the election, and that all the talk was about Trump. They believed that Europe was better in integrating minorities. They also said that at first they didn’t know who Trump was, and as they found out more about it him, it seemed funny that a TV host should be running for president rather than a professional politician. Now it was truly frightening. They were also unimpressed with the level of the campaign rhetoric – the comments and innuendo about the man’s genitals, for example. That was like school politics, they said.

Cheriton and Uygur discuss how this is the complete opposite of Republican rhetoric. They claim that Obama has wrecked America’s image abroad. Instead, this shows that Europeans are far more afraid of Trump, and that after Bush, Obama was a godsend. They’re right. I have right-wing friends, who like Obama but are, like everyone else, deeply concerned about Trump winning the presidency. And the comments about European being better at integrating minorities is also interesting. While I was on an archaeology course about eleven years ago now, the American students claimed that we British were actually worse racists than they were. Now the situation seems to be reversed. The Turks concluded that at one time, the world was sending their young people to America to learn how American democracy functioned. Now foreign kids were learning, as the youngsters interviewed by Cheriton said, how not to do politics from Trump.

Here’s the video.

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