Hope Not Hate: Polish Fascist Marian Kowalski Brings Forward Dates of Visit to Britain

Hope Not Hate has posted an article releasing news that Marian Kowalski, a Polish Nazi has pushed forward the dates of his visit to Britain by a week to the 16th-17th of April. His visit is being sponsored by Mariusz Zawadzki, the head of the British branch of Narodowcy RP, which translates as ‘Nationalists of the Polish Republic’. Zawadzki another football hooligan, this time for Legia Warsaw. As for Kowalski, he was up before the Polish beak earlier this year for threatening to kill pro-Democracy demonstrators on the 23rd January in Lublin.

The article’s at: http://www.hopenothate.org.uk/blog/insider/polish-nazi-moves-english-visit-forward-4818.

I’ve blogged before about how Poles, and indeed no-one with any self-respect from the Czech and Slovak Republics, Belorus, the Ukraine or Russia, should have anything to do with Fascism. After they had exterminated the Jews and Gypsies, the Nazis were aiming to enslave the Slavonic peoples of these nations, who would then be worked to death. He was also going to repopulate their countries with colonists from Germany, and the Germanic nations, including the English. The people of Poland suffered mass deportations under the Nazi occupation.

One of my father’s workmates was Ukrainian, who was a boy during the Nazi occupation. Ukraine is a richly fertile country due to its chernozem, ‘Black Earth’ soil. It was one of the breadbaskets of the former USSR. The Nazis carried out a scheme to strip this soil from Ukraine and carry it back to Germany. My father’s workmate recalled standing by a railway line, watching the trucks containing the soil pass. By him was a German soldier. He asked the Nazi squaddie what they were. The soldier told him. Then he asked him, who was going to dig up the soil and load them onto the trucks. ‘You are’, was the curt reply.
The Nazis also committed a series of horrendous atrocities in Belorus, the Ukraine and Russia. Because, like all the people from the countries I’ve mentioned, Nazi ideology regarded them as sub-human.

These people are a disgrace, and no-one should have anything to do with any Nazi outfit, whether over here, eastern Europe or wherever.

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