Hitler, Trump and Political Threats

A few days ago I blogged about how Trump had threatened the Republican party with riots if they took the presidential nomination away from him with a brokered convention. The parallels between Trump and the Nazis have been made over and again, particularly in regard to violence. And this is no exception. Adolf Hitler made the same threat on the 23rd March 1933 at the Kroll Opera House during the meeting of the German parliament to debate the Enabling Bill, the piece of legislation that gave Adolf absolute power as Germany’s dictator.

Hitler first of all tried to reassure the assembled delegates that the bill would not permanently impair the presidency, the two houses of the German parliament, the Christian churches and the individual federal states. He then warned that if he wasn’t given the majority he was ‘prepared to go ahead in the face of the refusal and the hostilities which will result from that refusal.’ Backing this threat up were the massed ranks of SS and SA.

That’s how frightening similar to Hitler Trump is. Hopefully, right and sense will prevail, and the American electorate won’t vote for this bastard in November. Hopefully.

The clock’s ticking, and Hitler also claimed to be defending his people’s freedom from international capitalism and the threat of Communism and Socialism.

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