Greenpeace Meeting Tonight in Bristol on Tidal Power at Cardiff

Michelle, one of the commenters on this blog, has asked me if I would let people know that there’s a meeting in Stokes Croft in Bristol tonight about a Cardiff project that could supply clean, green energy to the people of Wales for 120 years using power from the tidal lagoon at Swansea.

Here’s the publicity release for it.

Hosted by The Bristol GREENPEACE GROUP [E=]
Presented by Joanna LANE
Tidal Lagoon Power’s[TLP] mission is to drive a critical change in the UK’s energy mix by developing infrastructure to harness natural power from the rise and fall of the tides. Tidal lagoons represent affordable and sustainable infrastructure that can: indigenous, low carbon electricity at scale; create long term UK employment; catalyse a long term UK hydroelectricity manufacturing and engineering industry; promote biodiversity; promote local community resilience and pride; and allow UK institutions and the general public to invest in and take longterm ownership of our natural power assets TLP’s first project, Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay, establishes a scalable blueprint for our programme. Beyond this, they aim to develop, construct and operate a fleet of tidal lagoons to meet up to 8% of UK electricity demand. At this meeting you’ll get an introduction to Tidal Lagoon Power’s future projects, which aim to harness natural power from the rise of fall of the tides in the Severn Estuary. These proposals are at an early stage. So far TLP has requested a Scoping Opinion for Tidal Lagoon Cardiff from the and will continue to develop proposals in conjunction with stakeholders, independent experts and the public. We aim to deliver: The UK’s first fullscale energygenerating lagoon, with between 1,800MW and 2,800MW installed capacity and an annual output of 4 TWh and 6 TWh – the equivalent of powering all Welsh homes Clean, renewable and entirely predictable power for 120 years A real contribution to the local economy and natural environment Conservation, restocking and biodiversity programmes Improved and enhanced coastal flood protection in the region For more information on our project, please contact us at or register for updates Tidal Lagoon Cardiff is Tidal Lagoon Power’s second project site. For more information on the first site in Swansea Bay, please visit:
Please contact us on +44 (0)1792 274006 email or write to: Tidal Lagoon (Swansea Bay) plc, Unit 6, J Shed, Kings Road, Swansea, SA1 8PL.
For Tidal Lagoon Power’s head office, please contact +44 (0)1452 303892 or write to Tidal Lagoon Power Ltd, Pillar & Lucy House, Merchants Road, The Docks, Gloucester, GL2 5RG.
Media enquiries should be directed to Lisa Jenkins on 07908 738763 e: 

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10 Responses to “Greenpeace Meeting Tonight in Bristol on Tidal Power at Cardiff”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Wow thanks that is really emailing out, appreciated!

  2. Michelle Says:

    Thanks again Beastie, very good presentation and discussion Thursday eve by Joanna Lane, as I haven’t yet typed my notes here’s a short video synopsis – Swansea Tidal Lagoon:

  3. marklloydat Says:

    Tidal power has a lot of potential, but more thought is required if we are to avoid damaging wildlife and natural processes in the very sensitive environment of the Severn Estuary. Claims by the developers about conservation benefits are spurious at best!

    • Michelle Says:

      In reply to Mark Lloyd from the Angling Trust – from the presentation I heard that this world first project needs to be evidence led as the intertidal impacts are not fully understood therefore all environmental assessment and monitoring would have to be constantly monitored with stakeholders and specialists. I also understand that in 2017 government inspectors will consider all of the evidence with an independent review and opportunity for all stakeholders to submit written presentations.

      And in accord with your link we were also told that planning permission was granted by the UK government in June 2015 but the planning process is still being deliberated by the Welsh government and local planning authorities due to complicated jurisdiction boundaries. Financial support from the UK government was also still under discussion due to the ‘contract for difference price’ i.e. the price that electricity would be sold at a guaranteed price or top-up price from the government. We were also informed that local opposition came from the Angling Trust but that the company was trying to collaborate with you.

  4. Phil Says:

    I’d expect Greenpeace to be alert to spin from businesses trying to rip off the public purse.

  5. Michelle Says:

    Ice melt and sea level rise, the difficulties if we get this wrong:

    • Phil Says:

      Sorry Michelle but tidal lagoons are not the answer.

      • Michelle Says:

        A change from our rapacious economic system (which mostly treats the environment as an externality and people as vectors of exploitation) would be the better course, however, the political, economic and social will is not there.

        No need to tell me sorry, I am nearer the end of my life than the beginning, but what is this generation leaving the next and after all the information we have been able to share, there is a lack of vision.

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