Vox Political on Petition Against Cuts to ESA

Mike over at Vox Political has posted a piece urging people to sign an internet petition against the government’s decision to cut ESA by 30 per cent. He writes

A petition demanding that the Conservative Government reverse its cruel and unwarranted £30-per-week cut in Employment and Support Allowance has gained nearly two-thirds of the number of signatures needed for a Parliamentary debate – in just three days.

ESA is the main income-replacement benefit for people with long-term illnesses and/or disabilities, and the cut affects people in the Work-Related Activity Group of claimants.

The petition text states: “The House of Lords has been unable to stop a planned £30-a-week cut to disability benefits forced through by Government MPs. This will cripple those in receipt of these benefits, leaving many in literal poverty.

“The government must reverse this decision. Lives are at risk.”

If you wish to sign, go to Mike’s article at:http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/03/12/heres-how-you-can-help-the-reverse-esa-cut-petition/

I also include the petition’s internet address here.
a debate in Parliament. At the time of writing, the total stands at 63,037.

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2 Responses to “Vox Political on Petition Against Cuts to ESA”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Hi Beastie, I sent this petition out a few days ago too and on the 10th March it went from 21,022 signatures to 25,800 in a very short time (I know from a friend who signed from my link). Hope the momentum continues as I have to keep pinching myself – it’s a nightmare for people who are so vulnerable. I have mixed feelings about Channel 4’s The Last Leg, on Mike’s page, it’s very important that it is mentioned by them but the canned laughter that goes with one of the speakers (Richard) who is sarcastic about it makes it feel even more surreal, perhaps he just didn’t know what to say… thankfully Alex the next speaker made it clear and without dry humour how awful this is for people who need out help and loving support.

  2. Michelle Says:

    In last line should have typed ‘need our help’ not ‘out our help’! 🙂

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