Government Advisor Matthew Oakley Suggests Scrapping The Support Group

The writer of this piece says that they’d like to believe this is a good thing that will benefit the disabled, but after the way PIP was introduced to make claiming benefits worse for disabled people, the likely result is more disappointment. Quite.

Matthew Oakley has always stood for privatisation and cuts to public services and welfare benefits. I doubt he’s changed his tune now. My guess is that this another attempt by the government to deflect criticism for their appalling welfare policy. It’s presumably sunk into the head of someone in the DWP how unpopular this is, and so now they’re frightened. It also struck me that that it’s also to save Ian Duncan Smith’s face. He was whining a few weeks ago about how horrible people were to blame him for conditionality and welfare to work, when it was Labour who introduced it. I said in my blog that this cut no ice, because regardless of Blair’s introduction of it, he could have repealed or abolished it. It seems someone else thought the same way, and now the Tories are trying to look as though they’re doing just that.

I don’t believe them. This government is made up of two many liars, who have done nothing but lie ever since Cameron first walked into No. 10. The Same Difference blogger is undoubtedly right. If you believe this, you will be disappointed.

Same Difference

Government advisor, Matthew Oakley, recently published a report titled Closing the gap: creating a framework for tackling the disability employment gap in the UK,

This report suggests a major reform of ESA and the WCA. His suggestions include scrapping the Support Group. (red bolding below mine.)

Four principles that should form the basis for reform of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and the WCA are outlined below. It is important to highlight that this would not be a cost-cutting exercise. The reforms proposed would combine existing money and aim to distribute it better on the basis of need.

  • Splitting benefit eligibility from setting conditionality
    As suggested in other reports, the assessment of eligibility for benefit should be split from the assessment of an individual’s ability to move towards and enter work. This would ensure that, no matter what the level of benefit an individual receives, they will still have…

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One Response to “Government Advisor Matthew Oakley Suggests Scrapping The Support Group”

  1. Ctesias62 Says:

    There’s no chance that anyone associated with Policy Exchange will do anything other than snide marketeer psycopathy.

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