National Action and Child Sex Abuse

Matthew Collins, a former Nazi and now committed anti-Fascist activist, has posted a piece over at Hope Not Hate on National Action’s support of and interest in sexual abuse. There have always been parts of the Far Right that have been involved with pornography, and Hope Not Hate has discussed how several members of the various Fascist groups and parties in the UK own sex shops, or sell, ahem, ‘adult’ magazines and videos. This is despite the long history of anti-Semitic vilification of ‘Jewish pornographers’. It seems pornography is perfectly acceptable to the Fascist right, so long as it’s done by Aryans.

This goes much further than normal consensual sex, however. Ryan Fleming, one of National Action’s storm-troopers, was convicted a few years ago of torturing a vulnerable young man for his own sick kicks at a party, and forcing his victim to perform a sex act on him, in a case which sickened and disgusted the presiding judge. And he doesn’t seem to be the only one in the group with a fascination with same-sex abuse. The group has also produced a drawing showing a Jewish man forced to perform a sex act on one of their members. They have also recently interviewed on their website a member of a Lithuanian group, ‘Ivan the Graffiti Artist’. This particular individual has talked about how he has been influenced by ‘pederast writers’. That’s men, who are sexually attracted to and have sex with young boys.

Of course, it hardly needs to be said that the Fascist Right as a whole is nasty, squalid and very dangerous, but this fascination with and glorification of sexual abuse, including child molestation, is particularly revolting. It shows how low National Action are going.

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