Private Eye on Racism in UKIP in 2000

Here’s another piece from Private Eye nearly a decade and a half ago, commenting on some of the virulent racism in UKIP after many of its members had resigned en masse in protest at the storm troopers of the Right.

Focus on UKIP

Now that hundreds of members have departed from the UK Independence Party, protesting at right-wing infiltration, are the remnants trying to clean up their act?

Apparently not. Although UKIP has denied the “smear” that it wishes to woo votes from the racist far-right, messages on the party’s email bulletin board give a rather different picture. One branch chairman, Gregory Slisz, has written a glowing tribute to the British National Party and its “new, young and charismatic leader, Nick Griffin”.

The BNP is “undoubtedly set to grow”, he predicts, and unless UKIP adopts a full manifesto which addresses the nation’s main concerns, and which is free from the type of politically correct nonsense which has characterised UKIP policy in the past, it will be squeezed out. By pandering to the PC brigade, who will never vote for us anyway, we alienate the majority upon which our very survival depends.”

Which is a none too-coded way of saying that *UKIP should drop its constitutional commitment to anti-racism and other such “nonsense”. This seems to have struck a chord with Tony Bennett, political assistant to the party’s new leader Jeffrey Titford MEP. “To those who argue that we should present the electorate with no policies apart from ‘Keep the Pound’ and ‘Leave the EU’, I say we must have some briefly-worded policies on some of the other key issues of the day, and immigration is one of them,” he proposes in a confidential message to colleagues. Unless UKIP starts a vigorous campaign against immigrants and asylum-seekers, “we will undoubtedly lose votes to the BNP.”

Meanwhile another UKIP member has sent out a fascinating letter explaining why he is staying with the party. After railing against the “negrefaction” of Britain and denouncing “the bloodline polluters”, he suggests that people who talk of the “evils of apartheid” should be hanged.

Anyone seeking further evidence that the “smear” is not a million miles from the truth should have been in Bognor on the evening of 10 may, at an official UKIP meeting addressed by the new party chairman Mike Nattrass. This is the same Mike Nattrass who was previously on the national executive of New Britain, an openly racist party of the far-right run by the veteran anti-Black crusader Dennis Delderfield.

Other ex-members of New Britain now prominent in UKIP include party secretary Bryan Smalley and Jeffrey Titford MEP. Although Titford denies ever having belonged to New Britain, Nattrass confirmed at Bognor that he had indeed been a member. Nattrass went on to insist that neither New Britain nor UKIP was racist – whereupon a UKIP member in the audience announced that he, at least, was racist and proud of it.

No wonder the British National Party’s journal Spearhead is proposing that UKIP and the BNP should “come together in a single political force”, to challenge “immigration and multi-racialism” and lead the Anglo-Saxon tribe towards, er, ” national salvation”.

Fortunately, the exact opposite occurred, and UKIP seems to have taken some votes away from the BNP, which has since collapsed. But this shows how long a significant number of racists have been in this supposedly anti-racist party.

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