The Young Turks on How Donald Trump Negotiates: A Warning to America

The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, with Jimmy Dore and John Iadarola here discuss an incident from Trump’s past where he screwed over the people, who had hired him to speak at an event. They do so not just because it shows he’s a d*ck, but because it indicates his egocentric and entirely self-centred attitude to business and government. There is no ‘we’ with Trump. It’s all about him, and when he gets into power, he’ll do the same and exploit the very people, who voted for him.

Apparently Trump was hired to speak at an event for a fee of $250,000. Then at the very last moment, he said he wasn’t coming unless he was paid a million bucks. The organisers were stuck in a terrible quandary. They had told everyone Trump was coming, and now he was threatening to pull out unless he was paid four times the original amount. So they went round, found more sponsors and backers, and eventually were able to stump up the million to pay Trump.

This shows how Trump exploits others entirely selfishly to enrich himself. Just as he’s done with his companies. He’s gone bankrupt four times, but he doesn’t see it as a problem. He just spends as he likes, and then sees the bankruptcy laws as a suitable device he can exploit to get him out of debt. And so he goes bankrupt, and then moves on to drive another company into the ground.

Kasparian points out that, while it sounds vile to bleeding heart liberals like the Turks, to Trump’s supporters it’s strength. They expect him to do the same on their behalf. Except that he won’t. He’ll continue to exploit his backers and supporters, just as he has in business. When he says he’ll make America great again, what he means is that he’ll make Donald Trump great. And when he gets into power, all his supporters can expect is to find the metaphorical knife in their backs.

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