Trump Gains of SuperTuesday, More Americans Want to Move to Canada

Secular Talk’s Kyle Kulinski gets very gloomy and despondent here about the probably ascent to the White House of Donald Trump, and what it means for America. And he states that this could possibly be The End. And hundreds, if not thousands of Americans feel the same way too. According to The Hill, when the results came in late on SuperTuesday night showing Trump’s gains, the hashtage #How Can I Move to Canada? went up by 350%.

Kulinski is not surprised. He states that the only thing you can take away from Trump’s contradictory speeches and stance on issues right across the spectrum is that he’s a massive authoritarian. He’ll argue for a particular policy one moment, and then move to the complete opposite the next. On the Middle East, he’ll say that we need to go into Syria, and attack not just the terrorists, but also their families. The next moment he’ll also argue that America needs to leave well enough alone, and leave it to Putin. The same with industry. He has said that if he gets into office, he’ll prevent the corporations from leaving America, so that the Land of the Free still has a reasonable level of employment. The next moment he’ll state that America needs to keep wages low, with the result that people are still poor and starving even if they are working hard at a full time job. His stance on health care is the same. At one point he’ll state that America needs a single-payer healthcare system so that no-one dies in the street. The next moment he claims that more capitalism is what’s needed to give Americans affordable medicine. He’d remove the restriction on people from one state buying their medical insurance from another. This is a Republican far right policy that wouldn’t solve anything, because all the insurance companies would move immediately to the state with lowest taxes, and then collude in fixing the prices.

The one thing that does stand out, is that Trump wouldn’t tolerate any resistance. He’s extremely authoritarian, with no regard for checks and balances. And as Kulinski himself says, you shouldn’t put someone like that in power. Ever. He’s a dangerous precedent if elected. Kulinski himself says he also feels attracted to Canada. They have a ‘perfectly lovely government under Justin Trudeaux’, and an excellent health care system. If Trump gets into power, he might end up in a political prison somewhere, especially if the Tousled Tyrant finds a video he made of him a little while ago. It’s a joke, but you wonder how much truth there is in it. He’d rather have someone like Romney win. At least with Romney you could hold your nose, and wait till the end of their term. With Trump it could very well be The End of America. But he says he’ll stick it out. He and his audience were there for the Bush years, and so he’ll stay and stick out Trump.

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