Secular Talk: This Time It’s Personal: Marco Rubio Mocks Trump for Having Small Penis

Marco Rubio, Trump’s rival for the Republican nomination, has finally taken off the gloves. Deep discussions about matters of economics and politics haven’t worked to dent Trump’s popularity, so the Marcobot has finally gone and stooped below the belt. In this clip, he makes several ad hominem remarks about the Generalissimo of Rednecksville. Trump has commented on how Rubio is always sweating, so Rubio hits back with the comment that Trump can’t sweat, because of all the fake tan he’s put on. ‘Trump’s goal is to make us orange’. Trump has also sneered at Rubio for his lack of height, calling him little Marco. Rubio says this is all right, as Trump is a tall man – 6’2″. But according to Rubio, Donald Trump only has 5’2″ hands. Small hands. ‘And you know what they say about men with small hands. He’s dishonest.’

Kulinski says that some people have been put off by this new, personal assault on Trump and the apparent implication that Trump is somewhat less than impressive in the downstairs department. Kulinski states he’s not one of them. He feels that this earthy rhetoric is better than the very affected, robotic ‘fake’ speech Rubio had adopted earlier. It’s appropriate. When Trump turned up, many people, including Kulinski himself, didn’t think that Trump would last very long, because he was a reality show clown. Kulinski admits that he was wrong, but insists that Rubio’s new rhetorical style is right, as Trump is a reality show clown. He notes that many of the other contenders were so convinced that Trump would easily be defeated, that they didn’t bother to do basic research to find his weakness. Like the man went bankrupt four times. Or that when he talks about getting American jobs back from China, he’s a hypocrite, as his ties are made there.

Unfortunately, this is going to be a case of two little, too late. Trump is set either to win across the board, or seven states out of eight on this Super Tuesday. And if that happens, it’s game over.

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