The Young Turks: Trump Refuses to Disavow Klan Support, Then Says He Did

In this piece from the Young Turks, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss Donald Trump, and the way the Realtor Fuehrer tied himself up in knots when asked if he disavowed the endorsement he was given by David Duke, a former Grant Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan.

When first asked that question, Trump pleads ignorance. He states that he doesn’t know who Duke is, or what the other racist groups that have endorsed him are. He requests the interviewer to send him a list, as these groups might be fine. He doesn’t want to wrongly disavow those groups that he doesn’t know, and which may be perfectly OK. When pressed, he continues to claim that he doesn’t know who Duke is.

Uygur and Kasparian point out that he certainly does know who Duke is, as in 2000 he was due to go on an electoral platform with the Reform Party. He pulled out, however, when he found out that he would be sharing it with David Duke, stating that Duke’s company was not one he wanted to keep.

The anchors point out that much of Trump’s support comes from Southern racists. Not all of it, certainly, but a fair portion. They also argue that Trump goes crowd-surfing, throwing policies out to his supporters, and seeing what’s popular. They discuss whether or not Trump will actually retreat when he finds out that he’s metaphorically in the wrong room with the KKK and other racist groups. They also point out that Trump by and large hasn’t been asked tough questions before by the media, and so he’s thrown when somebody actually does their job and asks him a tough question, like the support he’s getting from the Klan.

Later on Trump appeared on CNN’s State of the Union, where he was asked by Jake Tapper whether he was happy with the endorsement from the Grand Wizard. Trump huffed and puffed again, claiming that he was stuck at home with a faulty earpiece and didn’t hear the question correctly when it was first asked, and that the interviewer had mentioned other groups, which he didn’t know about, and which he didn’t want to disavow before he examined them. But he did then claim to disavow Duke’s endorsement. He had, he claimed two days before then disavowed the Klan and its support for him, including on Facebook.


Uygur and Kasparian state that there are two aspects to the Klan’s endorsement of Trump. It either harms him, which is all well and good. But if it doesn’t harm him, then that fact will certainly harm the Republican party. There’s no way they can come out of that looking at all good, if Trump remains popular despite, or because of, support from the KKK.

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