Another Private Eye Photo Mocking Ian Duncan Smith

Yesterday I put up a photo of Ian Duncan Smith from an issue of Private Eye from about a decade ago. It showed the-then leader of the Tories as completely incompetent, and unable even to beat eggs.

Here’s another satirical photo from Private Eye’s issue for the 30th May-12th June 2003. If you can’t read the caption, aIDS is saying ‘We are the party of the poor’, to which a voice replies, ‘Well, we’ve certainly got a poor leadership’.

This shows you how long the Tories have been making them claim to be the true party of the poor. Which is incredible in itself, given that 95% of MPs are millionaires, and Cameron and Osborne are old Etonians. But even though IDS is gone as leader, but sadly, not discarded entirely, they’ve still got a poor leader in Cameron.

IDS Photo 2

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