Private Eye Photo Lampooning Ian Duncan Smith

IDS Photo

I found this old photo of IDS in Private Eye’s issue for 26th June to 8th August 2003. This was the time when IDS, the William Wilberforce de nos jours, was the leader of the Tory party. I thought I’d include it just remind people what a failure he was then.

If you can’t read it, the speech bubble reads, ‘Oh no – I can’t even beat these eggs!’

Unfortunately, the man, who fancies himself the equal of the great anti-slavery campaigner, has gone from trying to beat eggs to beating humans – the sick, the unemployed, and the disabled, driving them to death and despair with the benefit sanctions he believes, but can’t dare prove, are making them fit to work.

He’s a failure, his policies are failures, and its a tragedy and disgrace that he and the rest of the government are in power.

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