Vox Political: Alan Johnson Claims Pressure from Labour Party Stopped Cameron Giving Away Workers’ Rights in European Deal

Mike over at Vox Political has posted a piece from the LabourList. Labour’s Alan Johnson has claimed that it was pressure from the Labour party that stopped Cameron trading away the rights of British workers as part of the recent negotiations in Brussels. Alan Johnson then goes on to make the point that the Labour party is united and shall be campaigning to keep us in. See http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/02/20/labour-stopped-cameron-trading-away-workers-rights-says-johnson-labourlist/

I see absolutely no reason to disbelieve this. The chief Tory objection to the EU, apart from the current immigration crisis, is the Social Charter. This is the part of the EU constitution that guarantees certain rights for European workers. It’s this they hate with a passion. I can remember being very unimpressed way back in the 1980s when a Tory politico appeared on Wogan’s talk show. He was in favour of the EC as a ‘common market’, as it was called in the 1s970s, but made no secret that he thought the Social Charter was bad, and that Maggie should try and get it repealed.

This is the motivation behind much of the Tories’ hatred of the EC. Don’t let the debate over immigration sidetrack you. Yes, the Tories genuinely hate immigration. But they really hate the Social Charter. That also really sticks in their collective gizzards. But you aren’t going to hear about that from Laura Kuenssberg and her fellow Tory apparatchiks and collaborators at the Beeb and in the rest of the media.

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One Response to “Vox Political: Alan Johnson Claims Pressure from Labour Party Stopped Cameron Giving Away Workers’ Rights in European Deal”

  1. jeffrey davies Says:

    Labour’s Alan Johnson hes just another blair baby greedie erk

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