Private Eye on the Sun’s Islamophobic Smearing of Labour’s Sadiq Khan

It seems the Sun are back to their old tricks of using racial smears and accusations of political extremism against the Left. This fortnight’s edition of Private Eye, for 19th February – 3rd March 2016 had this little piece in their ‘Street of Shame’ column about the Scum’s accusation that Sadiq Khan was a sympathiser of Islamist radicalism. It’s because years ago Khan’s sister married Makbool Javaid, who was at the time a Muslim radical. The Eye then points out that, actually Khan’s sister divorced Javaid, who renounced his doctrines of hate long ago, and is now pursuing a career as a solicitor. And, irony or ironies, one of his clients is the Scum.

Here’s the article:

The Sun claimed last week that London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan was “facing fresh questions about his extremist links” because his former brother-in-law, Makbool Javaid, was once an Islamist “hate preacher”. Tory MP Andrew Bridgen told the paper that through his sister’s marital choice Khan was some how “showing terrible judgement on who he associates with”.

Never mind that his sister divorced Javaid in 2011, nor that Khan said “I have had no contact with him for more than a decade”, nor indeed that Javaid had long ago renounced his extremist past and become a solicitor. But while it noted that “Mackbool Javaid is now a partner at a large London law firm”, the Sun didn’t identify this apparently tainted firm – or its clients, who presumably should also be attacked for guilt by association.

Javaid is in fact a partner at Simons Muirhead & Burton, a swish Soho outfit whose top clients include … the Sun.

Basically, we’re back to the Zinoviev letter and the tactics the Sun followed in the 1987 elections by claiming that Labour is full of dangerous radicals, who’ll destroy the country, as well as it’s usual crass hypocrisy, racism and xenophobia. A little while ago, for example, the Eye listed the number of times the Sun had been successfully prosecuted for racism under the anti-racist codes of the Press Complaints Commission. This included a particularly infamous cartoon with the caption, ‘Even pigs object to being compared to Arabs’.

Apart from showing just how low the Scum still is, it also indicates how desperate they are that Mr Khan should not win the mayoral election. Clearly BoJo Boris is not as universally beloved as the Scum would like.

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