Praise the Lord! Pope Denounces Trump

And now a piece of good news from the Roman Catholic church, for a change. The new Pope, Francis, was in the news the other day for criticising the Tousled Gauleiter of Trump Tower. According to the Holy Father, Trump ‘is not a Christian’. The Pope said he couldn’t really comment on politics, ‘but anyone who talks about building a wall instead of bridges between people is not a Christian’.

Well, he’s right. Trump isn’t a Christian, despite his claims to the contrary. None of the evangelical churches in New York have any record that he’s attended services. When he did go to church in the Iowa Primary, he mistook the Communion plate, on which was the bread and wine Christians take in this part of the service, with the collection plate and slapped money on it.

It also shows how important the Developing World is to the Roman Catholic church, as well as other Christian denominations, as church membership falls in the West.

This isn’t the first the Pope’s said something to upset the Republicans. They got very angry a little while ago when the Pope endorsed the doctrine of climate change and attacked its critics and opponents. One of the Republicans then went on the offensive and tried to school his Holiness on Christianity. Somehow, I think the Pope, for all that Roman Catholic theology can be very different from Protestant, Evangelical religious views in certain areas, probably knows far more about Christianity and the basic doctrines of the faith than a Right-wing blowhard.

I’m not a Roman Catholic, and I’m quite aware that not all the readers of this blog will be religious. But here I think the Pope’s done something unequivocally right, regardless of one’s beliefs in God or religion or whatever. The Vicar of Christ 1, Donald Trump Nil, as they say on Final Score.

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3 Responses to “Praise the Lord! Pope Denounces Trump”

  1. 61chrissterry Says:

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  2. Michelle Says:

    I appreciate the Pope’s words on building walls, clearly and simply put and that he at least stopped at another cruel wall in the West Bank (in 2014), some even commenting that he had the moral authority to do so:

    But when you mention his endorsement of climate change, I am rather cautious. The Pope in his encyclical attacked climate change’s critics/opponents (usually those who want the profit seeking, unjust economic system to continue unabated) but he seemed to be absent minded re the Vatican Bank and his own establishment’s historical responsibility in helping to create the fine mess we have today. For example a quote from the Pope’s 192 page missive “The forms of corruption which conceal the actual environmental impact of a given project in exchange for favours usually produce specious agreements which fail to inform adequately and do not allow for full debate” Ref:

    Which flies in the face of his own institutions banking reality which is the best at concealing what it does and what it invests in and has been embroiled in frauds upon fraud:

    And I don’t agree with his call for yet another system of global government / bureaucracy to fight climate change, the UN cows to the US and generally hasn’t had teeth for decades. I find the notion of a global entity that could try and regulate everything we do by our carbon use a rather dangerous tool in the wrong hands – and those who rule aren’t usually altruistic!

  3. Michelle Thomasson Says:

    PS: for your notes, this is a recent example of what happens when awkward questions are asked at UN press briefings you get a letter revoking your pass and then get ejected (apparently this journalist Matthew Lee had been covering the UN for 10 years):

    Lees’ twitter feed on this:

    And the Pope want’s yet another ‘global’ organisation to combat climate change…

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