Tom Pride here gives Jeremy Hunt’s dismal record of demanding the tax payer pay for his every whim and indulgence, while demanding the privatisation of the NHS and grovelling to Murdoch. Mr Pride makes the point that someone who’s written a book demanding the privatisation of the NHS should be kept away from it. Except in Cameron’s cabinet, where it’s required thinking.

What comes out this is just how typical Hunt is of nearly every politicians on the right. Just about every right-wing politician since Thatcher secretly or not so secretly wants the privatisation of the NHS. And they’re all clustering around Murdoch as the great newspaperman, who will somehow make them popular. Hunt’s even like Grant Shapps in wanting the taxpayer to pay for private language lessons. In the case of Hunt, it was Chinese. In the case of Shapps, it was Hebrew. Shapps also wanted the state to foot the bill for him and his lover as well. Different languages, same greed and venality. The solution is to get rid of both.

Pride's Purge

Hunt shame timeline

In normal circumstances, openly calling for the dismantling of the NHS would usually exclude someone from being put in charge of it.

Not in Cameron’s cabinet.

In 2009 – before he became Secretary of State for Health – Jeremy Hunt co-wrote a book in which he called for the NHS to be broken up:

Top Tories call for NHS to be dismantled

Once he got the job you’d have thought Jeremy would have at least got to know something about the basics of health care, such as patient confidentiality.

Apparently not:

Jeremy Hunt ‘breached patient confidentiality’ by tweeting hospital picture

Just looking at the sheer number of scandals Jeremy Hunt has been involved in, it’s hard to understand how he’s managed to keep any position in the cabinet:

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