Vox Political: Tories End Special Payments Fund to Provide Free School Meals

More evidence of the Tory campaign to starve this nation and its children. This is a piece Mike posted today from the Mirror, reporting that David Cameron has quietly removed a fund of £32 million to provide the 3,000 smallest schools in the UK with free school meals: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/02/11/tories-quietly-end-free-school-meals-fund-worth-32-million/. And this was after Cameron noisily declared that his government would provide free school meals to all children. Well, they’ve clearly decided against this. And according to Mike, it was a Lib Dem policy anyway.

This comes after reports that teachers in some schools are actually paying for children to have school meals out of their own pockets, because of benefit cuts. Mike’s put up these stories on his blog. Go and read them. I was told by a South African friend that Nelson Mandela, when he got into power, launched the ‘Mandela Feeding Programme’. This was so that the starving children of unemployed or low paid people in the Townships would get at least one meal at school. He told me it was only trivial – something like a peanut butter sandwich. But at least the kids were fed. Britain is immensely richer than South Africa. We’re supposed to be one of the world’s strongest economies. But Cameron has decided that we can’t afford to look after our poor.

Disgraceful. Utterly disgraceful.

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One Response to “Vox Political: Tories End Special Payments Fund to Provide Free School Meals”

  1. Dan Birkin Says:

    The fund you are talking about was initially a capital expenditure grant for small schools of less than 150 pupils in order for them to build kitchens etc of up to 3k(later 2.5k) to support the tory/lib introduction of free meals for infants.

    It was meant to just be for one year, but due to some schools needing more was extended for another 2.

    The running costs are still being funded.
    Those schools that have lost that 3k are still getting £500 odd a year per pupil. I.e in a school of 149 pupils a year, they still get the 72000 a year.

    They just don’t need to build ANOTHER kitchen lol.

    Another example of morons reading headlines and not details

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