Secular Talk on Donald Trump’s Confused Position on Healthcare

This is an interesting piece. Kyle Kulinski takes apart The Donald’s weird and confused answer on the question of healthcare in the Republican presidential debates. The moderator notes that Trump has said that he wants to repeal Obamacare, and opposes the introduction of universal healthcare, because it would lead to massive tax rises across America. So she asks the obvious question: What would he replace it with?

At which point, Trump starts humming and ha-ing, stating that there are a lots of examples of what could be done. He would repeal Obamacare, but make sure everyone was covered. He would introduce greater competition, and go back to free enterprise. He states he would repeal the arbitrary red line about insurance, and then criticises the insurance companies for pushing up the cost of healthcare to unaffordable levels, and profiting from it. He then states that the costs would come down if they were forced to compete, and praises the excellent saving schemes for medical care. He then talks about people dying in the street from lack of healthcare, and states it’s a disgrace.

Kulinski states that he’s arguing for two different things here at the same time. He’s arguing for universal healthcare coverage, which would be Obamacare. And then he talks about free enterprise and repealing the existing system. Kulinski points out that despite Obamacare, the American healthcare system is still free enterprise. And 40-45,000 Americans die each year because they can’t afford medical treatment.

Kulinski also points out that it’s the same tactic Trump has used regarding the situation in Syria. He has stated that America should not get involved, and Putin should be allowed to go to sort out ISIS and the other terrorists. Then, a little while later, he demands America should go in and stop Putin. It appeals to do different sets of voters, who just hear the pieces they want to hear, and don’t think about the contradictions.

As for repealing the artificial red line about insurance, that means he wants to allow the citizens of one state to buy insurance in another. This means that eventually all the insurance companies will go to the state with lowest tax rates. But it appeals to the same people, whose complete absence of reason and logic makes them cheer at signs saying ‘Get government out of my medicare’, despite the fact that medicare is a government system.

This is another important piece to watch, as it has implications beyond the Tyrant of Trump Tower. Insurance costs have spiralled out of control immensely in America, and 20 per cent of Americans can no longer afford their medical care. This is why Obamacare was brought in, and why Bernie Sanders is extremely popular with his proposal for universal healthcare.

The libertarian Right, on the other hand, really can’t accept that there’s anything wrong with a private healthcare system, or that it’s made healthcare unaffordable. They’re recommending instead ending insurance coverage, convinced that this will make healthcare cheaper. This conveniently forgets that the reason why the insurance companies moved into healthcare, was because Americans could not afford their medical bills.

Remember: this is the kind of system the Tories wish to introduce into England. Jeremy Hunt wishes to sell off the Health Service. One of the other Tories drones said that if they were re-elected, then it wouldn’t last another five years. They’d just reduce it to a central clearing house for insurance. Maggie Thatcher was looking into privatising it, but realised that it would be extremely ‘courageous’. Wasserman, one of the two apparatchiks involved in the proposal, is now a member of Cameron’s task force looking into it.

What is going on in America will come to Britain if the Tories have their way. It will mean that 20 per cent or more of Britain’s won’t be able to afford healthcare coverage, and will die in the street.

Don’t take it. Vote them out before it happens.

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