Pride’s Purge on the Daily Mail Calling Pegida ‘Decent, Rational People’

I’m linking to this again today, 7th February 2016, nearly two months after it was written because it’s again relevant. This weekend Pegida rallies were due to take place all over Europe. And the Daily Mail’s comment about their members being ‘decent’, ‘rational people’, is chillingly like the phrase about ‘good Germans’ – those Germans, who kept quiet and did absolutely nothing about Hitler. The phrase has become a byword for those, who stand by and don’t combat tyranny and Fascism. In one of his pieces collect in The Great Shark Hunt, Hunter S. Thompson surveys the grim prospects for America with the collapse of the New Left opposition and the election of Richard Milhouse Nixon. He saw it as the end for democracy and freedom in the US. He argued that resistance had to continue, and that people had to keep fighting the forces of reaction, as he did not want their children asking them why they were ‘Good Germans’. We’re at that point with Pegida now.

As for the organisation itself, for all that it claims to be non-partisan, like the EDL in its time, many of its members and leaders seem to be the same old Nazis that marched with the BNP and the National Front. We have been warned.

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