The Young Turks: Trump Promises to Pay Legal Fees If Supporters Beat Up Protestors

More thuggery from the man’s who’s made hate and incitement to violence his mission. The Turk’s anchor, Cenk Uygur, here discusses a clip showing Donald Trump telling his supporters that if they find any protestors, they should ‘beat the crap out of them’, and that if they do so, he’ll pay their legal fees. This comes after an incident at another rally, where a protestor came with a load of tomatoes he was going to throw at the hatemonger with the weird haircut. At this rally, Trump gets nervous, looks around, and asks if anyone has seen any tomatoes, and says that if they do see someone with them, they should beat them up.

Uygur makes the point that people shouldn’t throw tomatoes. When they do, they definitely lose the moral high ground, and they should be thrown out by security. However, throwing people out is the job of security, not the crowd. But Trump’s supporters have thrown people out, and prevented them from getting their clothing on particularly cold evenings. They’ve roughed people up, in case racial abusing a black protestor as they did so. Uygur states that this is how Fascism started, with mob violence. He also points out the massive outcry that would have occurred if the situation had been different, and the racial identities reversed. Imagine the anger, for example, that would have erupted if a White protestor had been assaulted, abused and thrown out of a ‘Black Lives Matter rally? Yet to date, no one has been charged after these violent incidents. And Trump isn’t too picky when it comes to throwing people out, either. He even threw out a woman, who was probably one of his supporters, because it might have been her, who had chanted a few protests against him.
Trump is basically a Fascist, who’s encouraging his supporters to violent thuggery.

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