Secular Talk on Bill O’Reilly’s Grovelling to Get Trump on Fox Debate

This yet more on the walking political disaster known as Donald Trump. It’s a piece from the atheist news show, Secular Talk, analysing an interview on Fox News between Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump. In it, Bill O’Reilly, one of the channel’s leading presenters, does some of the most outright, craven grovelling before a politician I’ve ever seen by a TV presenter. He fawns, pleads, flatters, telling Trump how great and wonderful he it. And when that doesn’t work, he reminds Trump of all the vanilla milkshakes he bought him.


It’s hilarious, creepy, and definitely cringe-making, and shows how little honour or self-respect the newsboys and girls at Fox have before their right-wing idols. And with all the grovelling and pleading before Trump, it shows the hollowness behind Fox’s slogan of ‘Fair and Balance Reporting’. There’s nothing fair or balanced about this craven grovelling before Trump. It’s almost as unbalanced as Trump’s own weird psychology. Or that of his voters.

Secular Talk’s host, Kyle Kulinski, also makes some good points when he points out how The Donald’s most common defence against any criticism is to flip it, and turn it back against the opposing side. No, he’s not running away from the debate. They – his opponents – are. He isn’t afraid of Megyn Kelly. She’s afraid of him. It’s all manifestly untrue, but as Kulinski shows, Trump does it so brazenly that it actually works. At one point a crowd booed something Trump said, but he turned it into a joke about how much they supported him, and the crowd laughed, and were immediately back on his side again. This also shows how fickle crowds are, but there’s no doubt that Trump knows how to play human beings like a master. But then, so did Goebbels and Hitler.

On a positive note, if you despise Bill O’Reilly and Fox News, you will probably enjoy the spectacle of O’Reilly abasing himself before his idol absolutely hilarious. Trump has, in his way, done the world a great service by showing the true face behind Fox News: fearful and wheedling before its political masters. It’s only harsh and combative against the Left and people they think they can bully.


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