Vox Political on Stopping the Government Snooping on Your Sick Notes

Mike over at Vox Political has blogged about an article in The Pulse, which tells you how you can refuse consent for the government to take a look at your sick note when the doctor signs you off work, http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/01/26/how-to-refuse-consent-for-your-gp-to-pass-your-fit-note-records-to-dwp-upper-calder-valley-plain-speaker/. It also points out that the doctors have to inform you if they are going to do so.

This is important, as it’s another plank in IDS’ and Cameron’s strategy to keep people working and deny them breaks for their health, even when this is done under qualified medical supervision. As with the fitness-for-work tests, introduced by Bliar and retained by the Tories, they don’t believed that the informed opinion of a properly qualified and experienced medical professional is at all reliable. They prefer snobbish prejudice, and right-wing bile about malingerers. All given a pseudo-scientific support from a quack theory that was effectively dreamed up by Unum to sell life insurance that they had no intention of ever paying out.

And it is, of course, also part of the government’s creeping surveillance state, where they are afraid that someone, somewhere, is doing something criminal and subversive. Like not being frantically enthusiastic about Neoliberal economics and voting Tory to make the rich even richer. That’s what they’re really afraid of. Never mind ISIS.

You don’t have to give this information, so be informed and know your rights. Always.

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