Vox Political: Liberty Attacks Government Plan to Place Fees on FOIA Requests

Mike has also posted up this article on the campaign group, Liberty’s attack on the government’s plan to charge for requests for information made under the Freedom of Information Act, http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/01/26/freedom-of-information-imposing-fees-on-requests-would-be-blunt-instrument-campaigners-say/. The Tories have complained that the requests are an unnecessary and expensive burden on government. A spokesman for Liberty has rebutted this, stating that the actual cost of providing the information is small, and collecting information is what government does anyway.

Well said, Sir!

The simple fact is that the Tories don’t like people criticising their iniquitous decisions, and doubly so if they’re well informed and have the official data to hand. And not the managed data they blithely dole out to their friends in the media to provide a specious justification for their policies. Mike himself has had his requests for information repeatedly turned down and stonewalled by the government, supposedly because they are ‘vexatious’. As have many other disability bloggers and activists, and now even the Independent and Private Eye. And Johnny Void has received the same treatment in his efforts to get the names of companies exploiting workfare.

In the case of workfare, the government has said that they won’t release the information, as they’re afraid they’ll be a public backlash against those companies, and the wretched policy won’t work. And the same fears are doubtless underneath their general refusal to grant information. They have even stated that information released under the act should not be used by the press to generate stories, but only to understand how government decisions are made.

In other words, they’ve admitted that they want the public to remain ignorant, in case they’re able to challenge them, or uncover anything the government might find awkward or embarrassing. And it’s very good that Liberty are standing up to them and refuting these allegations.

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