The Young Turks on the Devastation Caused by the TPP

I’ve posted a number of pieces about the damaging effects on the projected TPP trade agreement now being considered by politicians across the world. Left-wing bloggers and social activists have criticised the agreement on the grounds that it gives private corporations the power to sue national governments for legislation that may harm their trade. In effect, it takes power away from national governments to regulate and control industry, and gives it to big business. There have been a number of petitions launched against it in Britain, most notably because of the threat it poses to the National Health Service. Campaigners are trying to get the NHS omitted from the deal, as they fear that the TPP will lock in the Tories’ steal privatisation of the health service.

The TPP is also controversial and unpopular in America. In this video from The Young Turks, the anchors John Iadarola, Michael Shure and Elliot Hill discuss the findings of researchers from Tufts University’s Global Development and Environment Unit. The Tufts researchers found that the claims that the TPP would promote economic growth and jobs were all wrong. Instead, they predict that in America, GDP will be 0.54% lower than it would be without the trade deal. The Japanese would also be worse off by 0.12%.

The also state that there would be minimal or negligible economic gains for the participating countries. There would be less than 1% economic growth for the nations in the Developed World after ten years, and only 3% for nations in the Developing World.

771,000 jobs would be lost due to the deal. The most severe job losses would be felt in America, which would lose 448,000. The countries that did not participate in the trade deal would also suffer massive job losses. In the Developed World, GDP would suffer by 3.77%, and 879,000 jobs would be lost, mostly in Europe. In the Developing World, the economic losses would include 5.24% of the GDP and 4.45 million jobs lost in China and India.

The Turks acknowledge that there are other predictions that the economy will actually grow under the TPP, and state they merely want to start a conversation about this issue. But from this, it seems clear that the TPP will be devastating to nations right across the globe. The only people, who will profit from it are the leaders of big business. Everybody else seems set to lose their jobs and see their nations become even more impoverished.

The Turks also ponder how it can be that whatever the price of oil, it’s bad for the economy. When the price is high, it’s harming the economy. When it’s low, this also harms the economy. John Iadarola suggests, half-jokingly, that it’s time we stopped being dependent on oil. He mentions that he did a piece the other day on how Denmark got 42% of its power from wind. He doesn’t say this would be possible in America, but something should be done to make America less dependent on it.

This programme provides further evidence that the TPP is altogether harmful, and should be firmly resisted by everyone, whether they’re in Britain, America, China, Japan, India or wherever.

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6 Responses to “The Young Turks on the Devastation Caused by the TPP”

  1. Michelle Thomasson Says:

    Morning Beastie! This issue can’t be covered enough, 30 years of environmental activism and legal gains to protect our sensitive ecological systems could be steam rolled by this corporate mechanism.

    If people still feel unacquainted with the dangers of TTP / TTIP then Friends of the Earth have some useful reading resources:

    though there are many other green organisations who have pointers, however, Greenpeace was a bit slow on picking up on TTIP.

    You have mentioned 38Degrees before with a petition, if people feel overwhelmed in what they personally can do then perhaps joining a local 38Degrees group can help. I am linked in with Cheltenham’s 38 Deg where there are very useful discussions going on re TTIP with a view to meeting local councillors. Though I doubt my Tewkesbury MP will budge an inch his letters / emails to me are depressingly set in wax from the boys at Westminster!


    • beastrabban Says:

      Morning, Michelle. Yes, there’s a lot of campaigning about this issue by 38 Degrees. I wasn’t aware of Greenpeace’s opposition to it, but I’m not remotely surprised. Thanks for the link to their material on how it will damage the environment.

      As for the MPs for Tewkesbury, a friend of mine, who’s definitely a man of the right, was very unimpressed by the attitude of his Tory MP in the election ten years or so ago. Although very right-wing economically, he’s also very anti-racist. He switched his allegiance and voted for one of the Independents after he heard his local MP making patronising comments about the people serving in the local Chinese chippie. Apparently the bloke said, ‘It’s not bad for G**ks.’ It’s probably a different candidate this time round, but I got the impression that a lot of the Tories in the Cheltenham area had more than a little sympathy for the extreme right.

      • Michelle Thomasson Says:

        Your reply brings up another important issue, how easy it is to ostracise people via language, especially thinking with a left / right divide, sometimes informative posts engender just as much hate for the right wing as the right wing has of the peaceniks who would advocate a more egalitarian economy.(Please note I’m not referring to your posts.)

        We are all driven by desires and motivations but so many of them have been grown on a bed of manipulated information. Helpful, logical, fact driven text without vilification may not be tabloid worthy but it may prevent a person in the ‘wings’ from turning off altogether.

      • beastrabban Says:

        Very true, though sometimes with some people keeping a level tone can be very difficult.

  2. Michelle Thomasson Says:

    And sometimes a chuckle is definitely required to combat some of the neoliberal rampant madness 🙂

    • beastrabban Says:

      Also true, especially when you have such big targets like the present bunch of nutters. Like Trump. He’s a real menace – to America, to the world, to global peace, but he’s also such a clown that you also have to laugh at him. Looking at him, I’m reminded of the comment P.J. O’Rourke made when he was invited onto Clive James’ show in the 1990s. James wanted to talk about Dan Quayle, George Bush senior’s vice-president, and a man of such inanity that he made Dubya look like Socrates by comparison. O’Rourke, the write of books like Republican Party Reptile and Give War a Chance, stated that he came on vowing not to talk about Quayle. ‘But when you see a target that big, and that slow-moving …’

      Quayle was responsible for such political insights as ‘I wish I’d learned Latin at school, so I could talk to the people of Latin America’, and ‘Hawaii is our most important naval base in the Pacific. It’s important for two reasons. 1. It has a naval base, and 2., here it is, in the Pacific.’

      As Gerald Scarfe pointed out, the frightening thing about this genius was that he really was only a heartbeat away from becoming president.

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