The Young Turks Discuss Female ISIS Supporter Getting Dick Pics from ISIS

This is hilarious, and show the true hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of ISIS’ jihadis. In this piece from The Young Turks, John Iadarola and Ana Kasparian discuss the outrage at a female ISIS supporter, Umm Isa al Amriki, at being sent unsolicited messages and photos of their penises by the terrorists over Twitter. The two can’t quite work out whether those sending the messages are genuine Islamist terrorists, or ordinary people trolling her because she supports ISIS. Not that they have any sympathy for her. Their opinion is that if she is a supporter of ISIS, she deserves what she gets.

They make the point that this shows how far ISIS and its warriors are from being noble ghazis fighting for the faith. They’re terrible hypocrites. Islam forbids booze and drugs, but ISIS’ warriors are getting drunk and doped up to the brainstem on captogen in order to fight. And there are women across the world, who admire them. There’s nothing noble or Islamic about them. They’re just terrible people, who are now going so far beyond Islamic sexual norms that they’re exposing themselves over social media to women they don’t know.

They have a serious message here for any woman, who might be taken in by them. Don’t. Not only are they are they vile, if you do join them, you won’t be able to leave.

They also have salutary advice for other men tempted to send pictures of their private parts across the internet. Don’t. It doesn’t turn women on. Numerous people elsewhere have pointed out that they are unwelcome and are a form of sexual harassment. And Kasparian here adds that if a woman does ask a man for such a pic of his intimate parts, it’s probably to discuss with her female friends. So, guys, be warned!

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